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Gluten Friendly™
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What We Do

What We Do

We investigate the positive effects of the Gluten Friendly™ technology on wheat kernels. We work on an innovative functional flour that reinforces the gut microbiota and contrasts gluten-related symptoms.

We strive to bring our innovation to the market - but, not only. Our dream is to one day offer a safe alternative to people with celiac disease. Follow our journey through scientific labs, clinical studies, warm loaves and massive mills.

Gluten Friendly™ technology

What is Gluten for?

Our Research

Our scientific studies are constantly evolving. The Gluten Friendly™ research digs deep into the fields of chemistry, microbiology and clinical studies to reveal the potential of our technology. We publish our results in high impact scientific journals with “open access”, to give the public the opportunity to follow our most recent findings.

The Challenge of Celiac Disease
The Challenge of Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease that is triggered by gluten and is diagnosed through a duodenal biopsy. In celiac disease, the immune system sees gluten as the enemy. It attacks the intestinal cells, causing a destruction of the intestinal villi. This leads to a malabsorption of nutrients and a wide range of symptoms, from chronic bloatedness and diarrhea to dermatitis herpetiformis and behavioral issues. The only therapy is a life-long avoidance of gluten. We are investigating the Gluten Friendly™ flour and its potential on vulnerable populations. Hear from the celiac volunteers who participated in our first-ever, clinical trial.


New Gluten World offers a non-exclusive commercial license for use of the Gluten Friendly™ patent and trademark. With incentives for millers big and small, we aim at accelerating the social impact of Gluten Friendly™ worldwide. Licensees will satisfy a market-standard royalty system based on net sales, to access the synbiotic and functional foods market, which is projected to grow to $440 billion by 2022. Our novel flour will be the protagonist in a new generation of functional foods such as Gluten Friendly™ bread, pasta, pizza, baked goods and beverages. It will also be a natural symbiotic ingredient that boosts live probiotics in milk, cheeses and ice creams.