Focus news, October 16, 2017
by Fulvio Paolocci
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Gluten Friendly™ debuts at the European Commission

New Gluten World CEO Carmen Lamacchia electrified food policy makers and nutrition experts with her inspiring story, at the European Commission during the Food 2030 Conference. The international gathering showcased European research and innovation as potential solutions to global food problems.  From scientific discovery to food tech startup, Professor Lamacchia’s highlighted the trajectory of New Gluten World and how European funds have accelerated the startup’s industrial scale-up. “I always say that I was flying a small airplane, and that the SME Programme turned it into a space rocket!,” said Professor Lamacchia. She concluded by promising to continue in her mission to reveal the full potential of the Gluten Friendly™  technology with the support of institutions, investors, and the celiac community around the world.