Gluten epitopes that are toxic for celiac disease, are not recognized by immunological assays in our Gluten Friendly™ flour.
With these findings, that showed a drastic reduction of cross-reactivity with antibodies, we involved Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza Hospital at San Giovanni Rotondo in Italy. We conducted our first clinical trial to test the effects of Gluten Friendly flour on celiac patients. The 50 volunteers ate Gluten Friendly™ bread daily for three months.
Our study was made possible with funding by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 SME Programme and our Industrial Partner, Casillo Group. A great team effort that makes us proud.
We thank all the volunteers for their time and enthusiasm. We are excited to share some of their stories.

Fatima Fatone

Research is the only thing that can remedy any kind of disease. If my participation, that millesimal particle that I contribute to society, can help future generations, I am honored and happy to do it.

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Siro Marasco

A distinction must be made between those who chose to eat gluten free and those who are forced to eat gluten free. People with celiac disease must eat gluten free by necessity. Those who chose to eat gluten free, it’s a lifestyle. That’s something else entirely.

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Serena Modugno

Obviously, one issue that I have confronted from the beginning,
was the lack of choices. If I want a croissant, I can’t just walk into the first bar I see. I have to absolutely go to the one that makes gluten free.

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Ilenia Notarangelo

The problem is not just in foods, but also inside things you might not expect. Sure, we consume food. But how often do we get sick? So contamination is another risk factor for celiacs, and we must be careful.

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Bernardo De Sio

When we gather, there’s seven of us celiacs.
Dining becomes a bit complicated. Many times, we bring our own pasta, we bring our own bread. At the beginning, my wife used to bring, even the pans.

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Antonio Chiappinelli

For a person, that for 40 years ate everything, and now finds himself unable to eat bread, unable to eat pasta.... To think that wheat, the most natural thing, the most simple thing in the world, causes me harm, is an unfathomable idea.

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